Guide to the Tools Dashboard on theGPTlab

Welcome to the Tools Dashboard, the place where you can manage the tools that enhance the capabilities of your AI financial agents. This dashboard is structured to help you seamlessly integrate various functionalities and services into your AI solutions. Below is your guide to understanding and utilizing this part of the theGPTlab platform:

Tool Management

Monitoring Your Tool Usage

  • Tool Limit: At the top of your Tools Dashboard, there's an alert indicating your current tool usage. You have a limit of 5 tools, and if you wish to extend this, you have the option to upgrade your account for unlimited tools by clicking on 'Go to Pricing'.

Adding New Tools

  • Adding a Tool: If you need to add new tools to your suite, simply click on the 'New Tool' button. This action will guide you through the selection and integration process of new tools into your environment.

Current Tools

  • No Tools Found: The dashboard currently indicates that no tools have been added yet. As you integrate tools, this area will populate with a list of your selected tools, along with their descriptions, types, and unique identifiers.

Finance Tool Catalog

Integrating Third-Party Tools

  • Catalog Introduction: The 'Finance tool catalog' is your gateway to integrating third-party tools that can broaden the functionality of your financial AI agents.

Available Third-Party Tools

  • Tool Preview: The catalog provides a glimpse of available third-party tools, such as 'Astra', with a brief description of the tool's functionality. For instance, Astra helps decrease your customers' time-to-first-use by immediately funding their deposit account.

Upcoming Integrations

  • Coming Soon Indication: Tools marked as 'Coming soon' highlight upcoming integrations that will be available to enhance your agents' capabilities. Keep an eye on these for future developments.

Exploring More Tools

  • Extended Catalog: By clicking on 'View more', you can explore a more extensive list of tools available for integration, allowing you to plan and strategize for the expansion of your agent's abilities.

  • Sidebar Navigation: The sidebar on the left allows you to navigate to other main areas of the platform such as the Main Dashboard, Reporting, and Analytics sections.

Upcoming Features

  • Reporting and Analytics: These sections, marked as 'Soon', suggest that you will soon have access to in-depth reporting and analytics features that will provide valuable insights into the use and performance of your tools.

The Tools Dashboard is designed to be a straightforward and effective interface to manage the tools that power your financial AI agents. With the ability to add and monitor tools, you’re equipped to build a more robust and comprehensive AI solution tailored to your customers' needs.

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