Guide to the Agent Dashboard on theGPTlab

Welcome to the Agent Dashboard, your central hub for managing and monitoring your AI agents on theGPTlab. This intuitive interface is designed to give you a clear overview of your agents' status and performance. Here’s how to navigate through it:

Agent List Overview

View Your Agents

  • Agent Limits: At the top of your dashboard, you'll see a notification about your current agent limit. You've used one agent and have four more to go. If you need more, you can easily upgrade your account by clicking 'Go to Pricing'.

  • Creating a New Agent: To add a new agent to your financial service offerings, click the 'New Agent' button. This will guide you through the setup process.

  • Agent Table: You'll see a list of your current agents. Here, '401agent' is listed as your first agent, with a status indicating that it's deployed and a brief description for reference.

Manage and Monitor

  • Filtering: Use the 'Filter by name...' search bar to quickly find specific agents.

  • Usage Bar: Next to each agent, you'll find a usage bar that visually represents how much you're utilizing the agent, helping you keep track of activity levels.

Analytics (Coming Soon)

Upcoming Features

  • Analytics Preview: Below the agent list, there's a teaser for upcoming analytics features. This section will offer in-depth data on your agents' interactions and performance metrics.

  • Access to Analytics: You'll be able to upgrade your account for advanced analytics capabilities, providing you with valuable insights for optimizing your agents.

Usage Graph

  • Understanding the Graph: The provided graph shows a timeline with two metrics - 'Success' and 'Fail'. This represents the success rate of interactions or transactions your agents have handled over time, giving you a quick visual on performance trends.

  • Dashboard Access: Use the sidebar to navigate between different sections of the platform. You currently are on the 'Agents' page, indicated by the highlighted icon.

  • Reporting and Analytics: The 'Reporting' and 'Analytics' sections are marked as 'Soon', indicating that these features will be available shortly for more detailed data analysis and reporting.

Getting Further Assistance

Learn More and Get Support

  • Documentation and Support: For more detailed information about each feature and for troubleshooting tips, you can browse the developer docs. Additionally, the 'explore all the ways to start using theGPTlab' link serves as a resource for users to get further assistance.

Remember, this dashboard is designed to be a dynamic space that grows with your needs. Keep an eye on the upcoming features and enhancements to continually improve your AI agent management experience with theGPTlab.

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