Guide to the Datasource Dashboard on theGPTlab

Welcome to the Datasource Dashboard, your command center for managing data that powers your AI financial agents. This dashboard allows you to integrate, manage, and review the datasources that are the foundation of your AI agent's functionality. Here's how you can navigate and utilize the features on this page:

Datasource Management

Overview of Your Datasources

  • Datasource Limits: The notification at the top of the page informs you of your current datasource usage. You have utilized one and have four datasources left. To expand your capabilities and add more datasources, you can upgrade your account by clicking 'Go to Pricing'.

  • Adding a New Datasource: To integrate a new datasource, click the 'New Datasource' button. This will start a wizard to guide you through the process, whether you're adding data from a file, a database, or a cloud service.

Current Datasources

  • Datasource List: Below the limits notification, you'll find a list of your current datasources. Here, '401data' is listed with its type 'TXT', unique ID, and its status 'Ready'.

  • Filter and Search: Use the filter bar to quickly find specific datasources by name, making it easier to manage large numbers of datasources.

  • Action and Status: Each datasource entry has an associated status to indicate its readiness or any required action. Utilize the '...' menu for additional actions like editing or deleting a datasource.

Financial Datasource Catalog

Integrating with Third-Party Data Services

  • Catalog Introduction: The 'Financial datasource catalog' section introduces you to potential third-party datasources that can be integrated into your financial AI solutions.

  • Available Services: Services like 'Plaid' and 'Intuit' are listed here, along with descriptions of how they can benefit your AI agents. These services allow you to connect your agents with external financial data, providing richer functionality.

  • Coming Soon and More Info: Some services are marked as 'Coming soon', indicating future availability. Click 'View more' to explore additional details and the full catalog of integrable financial services.

  • Main Menu: Use the sidebar to switch between various sections of the platform. The highlighted 'Datasources' button indicates your current position within the dashboard.

  • Upcoming Features: Sections like 'Reporting' and 'Analytics' are marked as 'Soon', which means you can look forward to new tools that will provide deeper insights into your data.

Additional Help and Documentation

  • Getting Further Assistance: If you need more information on managing datasources or integrating third-party services, the developer docs are a valuable resource. Additionally, you are encouraged to explore all the ways to start using theGPTlab for further guidance.

Your Datasource Dashboard is designed to be a powerful tool for enhancing the capabilities of your AI financial agents. By effectively managing your datasources, you ensure your agents are well-equipped to provide comprehensive and accurate financial services.

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